Organizational Chart

President: Antonio Ranieri
Vice President: Louis Bergamasco
Director (acting Secretary): Maria Pellegrini
Treasurer: Domenico Modugno
Executive Committee:

– Antonio Ranieri
– Onofrio Mangini
– Luigi Bergamasco
– Domenico Modugno
– Giuseppe De Venuto
– Michele Ricco
– Stefano Vianello
– Daniele Sciannimanico
– Antonio Briscese
– Pasquale Triggiani

Board of Auditors:

– Gianfranco Camaggio
– Giuseppe Pascali
– Beniamino Di Cagno
– Pasquale Triggiani (suppl.)
– Andrea Di Petta (suppl.)


Nautical Notice board. The new meeting point between supply and demand.

The Board is the “place” where is possible to find everything you need about boating and represents the chance to have at your fingertips a list of skippers and sailors.


Tourist itineraries. The ideal place to discover the Land of Bari.

One way to make Bari and its coast and a “must see” destination for all boaters who want to know or revalue our territory.

Sailor Project.
A sailboat always available to members.

The project aims to provide an opportunity also to members not having an own boat, in order to let them enjoy the sea and have the opportunity to sail with no additional costs.>>>



Newsletter. Always updated on news and events.

Our newsletter will allow you to stay updated on the activities of Assonautica Bari and all events and demonstrations nationwide.


The agreements. A tangible benefit for all members.

Discounts on moorings and purchase in stores and for services in the field of navigation, the Assonautica Bari has signed a series of agreements on behalf of its members.