New Boating License

In this section we propose the new regulation approved for obtaining the license. Please notice the suppression of distinction between recreational units, ergo sailing boat and motor boat .

The nautical licenses are provided as the Regulation approved by Presidential Decree No. 431 of 9 October 1997.

The nautical code includes three categories of boating licenses:

Category A: command and boats and yachts management;

Category B: command of pleasure boats;

Category C: Management of marine vessels and pleasure craft.

These authorizations are issued to subjects with certain diseases, but the requirements and how to achieve them must still be established. The boat license is required in the following cases:

1) to navigate with watercraft and boats in inland and maritime waters within six miles from the coast, when a motor with a power greater than 30 kW (equal to 40.8 hp) is installed on board and, in any case, with a cylinder capacity exceeding 750 cc, if carbureted two-stroke or 1000 cc, if carbureted 4-stroke outboard, or with direct injection; or 1300 cc, if carbureted 4-stroke inboard or 2000 cc, if a diesel engine; this means that if the maximum power is normal, that is equal to or lower than 40.8 hp, but the engine size exceeds those triggers listed above, then the license is mandatory, and vice versa.

2) For all units in navigation over six miles from the coast, regardless of the engine.

3) to drive watercrafts, regardless of the engine power;

4) to practice water skiing, regardless of the engine power.

For the license, as to the equipment safety, it is important to respect the rules of navigation about distance from the coast, that is the kind of license to own is not related to the unit on which you are located, but to the actual distance from the coast where the navigation is actually permitted, considering that no powered vehicle can be driven without a license when the maximum power exceeds 30 kW etc., even less than 300 meters from the coast. At the helm can there also be a person without a certification or with an inadequate license, but on board there must someone with a boating license, which is responsible for the conduct and management of the marine unit.

Finally, another very important innovation concerns the immediate issuance of a license after having passed the exam.

The application for admission to the examination is multipurpose, and shall be used as: self-certification of personal data; endorsement of license; request for issuance of license for those who are in possession of maritime professional qualifications; duplicates of driving license;  as well as for communicating the change of residence. It must be submitted to the former Provincial Offices of the MCTC or the competent maritime authority as a duplicate, one in stamped paper and accompanied by a certificate of eligibility issued by a doctor with public duties in relation to forensic, two passport photos, and finally from receipts of payment of the examination fee.

In relation to the distance from the coast, there are three kind of driving: within 12 miles of the coast; with no limits from the coast; for recreational vessels only.

One of the most important point of the nautical reform is the elimination of the distinction between recreational boats in relation to propulsion vehicles. So now the boat license is unique and enables the management of recreational sailing yacht (up to 24 m) with auxiliary or proper engine; since the theoretical program for the examination is common, the sailor, only with the road test exam achieves both habilitations (for sailing and motor). Upon request, the license may be limited to command of motor units within twelve miles or with no limits. Where the sailor has obtained a limited license and wants to extend the qualification also to sailing, he only has to take the practice test exam. This rules is applied both to licenses within 12 miles and without limits. If, in the other hand, you’ll want to obtain a higher license, that is from within 12 miles to no limits, you will have to take an exam on theoretical supplementary materials, which is usually not included in the program of the driving tests already achieved. Who has already achieved the license both for sailing and motor boats, with separate documents, during the first attestation, has to ask the joining of the two licenses into a single document.

Who has obtained the license for recreational vessels, which enables the control of units over 24 meters in length, can also lead shorter recreational craft, sailing and motor yachts, including sailing with an auxiliary motor and motor-sailing. To obtain a license for recreational vessels, the habilitation to navigate without limits from the coast (sailing and motor) must be held for at least three years.

Who possess of the old license from 6 to 12 mg, the legislation has facilitate the owners of the license within 6 miles. In fact, licenses both for motor and sail within six miles, issued up to the date of entry into force of Regulation (16.1.1998), were automatically extended to twelve miles without the need to perform any administrative formality. To obtain a boat license you must be at least 18 years old, while for driving units without a license the minimum age come as follows:

  • 14 years for non-power boats, sailing with the sail area superior than 4 square units as well as rowing units, sailing within a mile from the shore;
  • 16 years for motor vessels, for vessels sailing with an auxiliary motor and motor-sailing with engines below 30 kW (equal to 40.8 HP) and relative engine sizes;
  • 18 for sailboats with auxiliary motor, motor-sailing and for those with an engine power lower than 30 kW and relative engine sizes that sail up to six miles from the coast, as well as acquascooter or jet skiing.

Examiners will evaluated physical and moral requirements, necessary for the achievement of the boat license.

The boat license may be temporarily suspended if the boater is no longer in posses of the physical and psychological standard. The recovery of suitable standard has to be attested by a new medical certificate.

Motivation for suspension:

  • Driving of manager the craft under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of other intoxicants or drugs (up to 6 months);
  • Acts of imprudence or inexperience likely to compromise public safety and causing damages (up to 3 months);
  • The request of the prefect, for reasons of public safety (up to 6 months).

Conclusively, the license is suspended due to the beginning of criminal process for manslaughter, serious or grievous bodily injury, for offenses against public safety and so on. as art. 25 of the regulation.

Those who are in possession of a professional qualification for both maritime traffic for fishing or inland navigation and are equipped with a regular vehicle registration certificate (ie in compliance with the regulations STCW’78 et seq. amendements) can drive and lead the craft, to the extent and in the manner established by Ministerial Decree 05.07.94, n. 536

Are also entitled to achieve all marine licenses without tests, including licenses for ships, all the officers of the General Staff of the Navy and Coast Guard in SPE or role in exhaustion. Their requirements shall be supported by a statement from the extract of military service or command to which they belong.

Furthermore, is entitled to the boat license, also without examination within the limits of the authorization military holding, the staff of the armed forces, of the police corps and fire fighting departments, in permanent service or volunteers, enabled to the naval command of Navy vessels.

Procedures to obtain the new pleasure craft license:

The application may be submitted both to former provincial offices of MCTC and to the Maritime Offices (Port Authority and maritime District Offices) if requesting the license within 12 miles; only to Maritime Offices if requesting the license without limits. It shall be submitted as duplicate, one in stamped paper and accompanied by a medical certificate issued by a forensic doctor, two passport photos and the attestation of the payment of the admission to the examinations fee. The second copy of the application, dated and registered, is given back from the office to the candidate and constitutes, with the identity card, a temporary authorization for practicing sailing. Its validity is three months, extendable for 3 others. The exam can be sustained only thirty days after the date of submission of the application. Within the period of validity of the authorization, the candidate must book its exam (in writing or by fax) in order to take it at the office where he made the application, delivering contextually receipts for payment of taxes and fees imposed. In the 45 days following the booking he will be contacted and take the exam. If it will be declared passed, the license will be issued at the very end of the test. Those who do not pass the exam, theoretical or road test, can repeat it, only once, with no additional fees or costs. The candidate absent once, can resubmit the request to take the exam a second time.

Examination committees

In order to avoid the long waiting lines and respect the deadline, the offices seafarers will operate simultaneously with several examining boards, made up of highly qualified personnel. The examiner is only one for licenses within 12 miles; they are two for licenses without limits. During the road sailing test, the committee is integrated by an experienced sailor (appointed by F.I.V. or L.N.I.). The road test for certification within 12 miles takes place with a pleasure sailing boat with auxiliary motor (can also be a vessel), recognized as eligible by the examination committee. For the engine boats license a motor unit is used for the road test,.

For without limit license the road test shall be performed with an inscribed RID unit, enabled to navigation for which a license is required. For pleasure craft licenses, unless the candidate does not own a ship, the test may be carried out with a boat at least 20 am long. The fee for the issuance of licenses for ships and boats has been deleted. The stamp for the request submission to the maritime offices is EUR 14.62. The annual stamp for a boat license was repealed by Law no. 488 of 23.12.1999 (Financial Decree, 2000).

As well as with car driving license, in order to update and validate the new licenses, a sticker will be dispatched to your address. The navigation licenses will continue to be updated with the procedures established by previous legislation, as the offices arrange their internal structure . The license is subject to renewal, and by the time of the issuance or validation it lasts 10 years, reduced to 5 for holders who have passed the age of 60 and even less for those who are suffering from physical or mental infirmity or anatomical or functional impairments. The license may be renewed any time. If it is required a validation before or after the expiration date, the duration of the next license begins on the date of validation. The holder shall file an application form in duplicate, one with stamped paper duties, directly or by registered mail addressed to the Maritime Office (sea Port Authority and District Office) or the Office of the Provincial MCTC who released it. It goes together with a certificate of physical fitness (with stamp duty) released by a Medical Officer (USL, military medical or other) with forensic functions; The applicant shall declare to possess the necessary moral requirements and, if so, whether the possession of other qualification in craft driving.

It is expected that the competent office is responsible for the validation of the boat license in possession in view, that is sends to the subject within 30 days, a sticker (to place on the document) on which are noted also any requirements resulting from the certificate of physical fitness.

Change of Address

To report any change of residence, follow the same procedure as described above, communicating it by registered mail to the office that has issued the license, substitutive paper of the certificate of residence. The change is recorded in the Register Of Marine Licenses. Those who forget the license on the ground shall be punished with fines from Euro 50.00 to Euro 500.00, while conducting a pleasure craft without ever having obtained the boat license, caused by its suspension or missed renewal due to lack of requirements, involves an administrative fine ranging from € 2066.00 to € 8263.00 and the suspension of the navigation unit license, which is noted on the document for a period of 30 days. The fine is doubled in case of pleasure crafts.


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