First Aid Kit

Table D, currently in force, according the decree 05/25/88, provides only for sailing vessels – which have not enlisted crew seafarers – at a distance superior to 12 from the coast to have a The First Aid kit, compulsory on board. The container must be rigid, watertight and float. Here is the bare minimum of medicines that must be kept on board.

Medicines for external use:

  • 1 bottle of disinfectant for external use to quaternary ammonium 250 cc;
  • 1 brown glass bottle of ammonia;
  • 5 packs of bandages in various sizes;
  • 1 box of adhesive plaster;
  • 1 box of medicated plasters;
  • 1 pack of 250 grams of cotton wool;
  • A common range;
  • 1 pack of gauze compress, in various sizes;
  • 1 box of vaseline gauze compress, in various sizes;
  • A tourniquet;
  • 1 bag of bones for fractures.

N.B. check the expiry date on the packaging in order to avoid a fine report.

For units with crew on board the material listed must integrated as followings (as per Table A annexed to the decree n. 279 of 05/25/1988).

Analgesics – Antipyretics – Antirheumatic:

  • Acetylsalicylic acid: 500 mg gastroresistant tablets, n. 20;
  • Derivatives pyrazole: No tablets. 10 – drops bottles n. 1;

Analgesics – Antispasmodics:

  • Discoid 10 mg: n. 20;
  • Vials: n. 3;


  • acid tranexanico: 5 ml vials;

Antihistamines – allergies – Antishock:

  • Dexchlorpheniramine maleate: tablets 2 mg n. 30;
  • Methylprednisolone: 20 mg vials # 1 box;

Eye drops:

  • Oxybuprocaine: dropper bottle of 20 ml 1;

Antiodontalgic drops (toothache):

  • jar or vials, 1;


  • Promethazine: 2% cream or ointment tubes, 1;
  • Against burns: spray 100g. bottle or ointment tubes of 30 g;

liquids Disinfectant for external use:

  • Hydrogen peroxide at 12 volumes: 100 g;
  • Iodine: g. 50;

Muslin hydrophilic bandages: packages of various sizes n. 2;

First aid manual;
Sterile medication packs of various sizes: n. 2;
Disposable syringes: cc. 5 (no. 2) and cc. 10 (No. 2);



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