Books and Magazines

This section contains a number of suggestions for books or magazines about boating with all the information you should need and will let you track them down more easily. Assonautica Members can thus consult these titles available in Italian libraries, as to the extent of always being updated and informed about news for those who love the sea.


by Steve Sleight

New Complete Sailing Manual

Ed. Mondadori Euro 27,20

Sailing enthusiasts are becoming always more numerous, but for this exciting and full of incentive sport, you need to master specific skills. With practical advices and detailed descriptions of the various professional techniques, this book is intended as a training manual for the beginner and a reference updated text for the more experienced skippers. This new edition, in fact, describes the latest developments of sailing, from last generation dinghies to modern electronic travel systems.


by Varrone Terenzio

La patente nautica. Come superare l'esame per il comando delle imbarcazioni a vela e a motore, entro le 12 miglia e senza limiti, e imparare a navigare

Ed. Nutrimenti Mare Euro 16,58 - Only available in Italian.

The new edition, updated to the new format of examination, presents a tested, modified and updated in years of lessons manual, that comes from the practical teaching experience of Admiral Terenzio Varrone. All theoretical knowledge necessary to pass the exam for boat license, exceeding the mere objective of bureaucratic knowledge, but reaching the actual nautical training for those who are getting ready to conduct a boat. 16 thematic lessons that enable flexible scheduling of teaching; exercises guide for the chart work; a set of illustrations, photos and tables, for the sake of obtaining a faster and more comprehensive consultation; 62 self-correcting exercises of different levels; 277 questions with the most recurring – single or multiple -response that you can find during the examination; 185 true / false quiz.


by Nico Ferran

Pesca in mare. Il manuale completo. Prede, tecniche, attrezzature, esche.

Ed. Giunti Demetra Euro 8,42 - Only available in Italian.

“A hobby that can be revealed as adventurous and opens ourselves to that world of extraordinary beauty that is the sea, with all its charm and its mystery. Here it is a manual for those who are passionate fishermen, from the shore or offshore, and for those who want to know the multi-colored marine environments, paying proper attention to the balance of nature, the survival of species and their peculiarities. In a handy pocket size book are collected all the most useful and necessary information: from fishing rods to lines, from hooks to floats, all the relevant techniques in different situations and the preparation to safely face the sea. Many cards complete the volume, accompanied each by a drawing with descriptions and characteristics of every species (where to find it, behavior, fishing techniques, regional names …). “


by Rushall Mark


Ed. Nutrimenti Euro 21,25

Perhaps no other sport requires the combination of so many elements as sail racing; preparation, strategy, speed, tuning and, most importantly, tactics. This manual by the Royal Yachting Association , one of the best and most advanced in the world, is dedicated to sail-race tactics, the mental aspect of the race sailing. In its three sections, this volume examines the natural variables that will influence tactics and methods, helping you to assign the right priority to each of these variables and, finally, the specific tactics applied to the successive stages of the race. Thanks to the clear and exhaustive discussion, this book is destined to become an indispensable tool for those who like to race at any level, and it can really help you to sail better and win races. From tens of thousands Italians who annually crowd the winter leagues of sailing clubs, facing one of the most demanding and selective competitions. In over thirty years of sporting career, Mark Rushall has collected national, European and world titles into different classes of regatta, and today is one of the most famous and appreciated sailing coach in Britain. In 2006 he has been elected Coach of the Year by the Royal Yachting Association, for leading the crew of the British Paralympics’ Sonar to win two world titles.


by Paul Elvstrom

Paul Elvstrom Explains Racing Rules of Sailing, 2013-2016

Ed. Nutrimenti Euro 13,60

The Racing Rules of Sailing, updated and revised for the four ongoing Isaf – the International Federation of sailing – is explained and illustrated in this book by Paul Elvstrøm, legendary sailor, Olympic champion, world and European level. The book, in full color, contains the complete rules for 2013-2016 championship, explained with helpful drawings cross-referenced to the relevant case studies provided by the ISAF. “


di Jean Renouf - Original Title: Toutes les manoeuvres du bateau à moteur

Tutte le manovre della barca a motore

Ed. Mursia Euro 16,15 - Available in Italian and French

“A very documented and fully illustrated manual that offers so new theoretical notions that every commander should know. The influence of the hull and superstructure, the effect of wind, the rudder, the screw and many other internal and external variables that affect the maneuvers of the boat are here analyzed and explained in an exemplary manner and allow commanders to get on board with a solid preparation, in order to face, without any problem, moorings, evolutions, anchors with yachts up to 20 meters, displacing up to 30 tons. “


by A. Sandrelli

Le manovre in porto e l'ormeggio. Un buon avvicinamento. Manovre a vela o a motore. Come scegliere il proprio posto, come ormeggiarsi. Dar fondo all'ancora...

Ed. I quaderni di Glènans Euro 11,05 - Only available in Italian.

“This book aims to be the answer to the multiple questions that crews arise at the very moment when they get in touch with “the ground”. Maneuvering in port, with sail or motor boat, docking maneuvers in the water stream or in harbors filled with boats, as garnish the buoy, fasten the ropes, adjust the fenders … All of this is explained, annotated and illustrated here, with several drawings according to Glénans’ point of view, that from the utmost security due to proper preparation. “


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